While we're capable of developing antibodies from start to finish, we can provide custom services based on your unique needs.

Here at Calico Biolabs, we partner with diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies, both large and small, to develop custom rabbit monoclonal antibodies. 

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With the annual incidence of new cancer cases predicted to surpass 23 million by the year 2030, the need for personalized medicine is more important than ever.¹ ​​We are dedicated to creating a variety of products that approach this growing problem in two different ways - via medical research and companion diagnostics. 

Many of our CAL antibodiesᵀᴹ are used in research and clinical labs throughout the world. We have a wide selection of ready-made CAL antibodiesᵀᴹ, specific for human and mouse proteins. Our antibodies are designed specifically for immunohistochemical use, and are validated continuously throughout the development process to ensure specificity and consistency. 

Our antibodies can also be used as companion diagnostics. As research progresses, new and improved immunotherapies are being developed to target specific cancer cells. While multiple patients may appear to exhibit identical cancer types, the diseases producing these similar symptoms may actually differ at the molecular level. Cancer cells expressing a certain biomarker may respond very well to one particular treatment, whereas other cancer cells not expressing that particular biomarker may not respond well to the same treatment. The use of companion diagnostics allows the appropriate treatment to be identified for each individual patient. Here at Calico, we are dedicated to advancing this unique kind of personalized medicine, by producing high quality antibodies targeting many of these important biomarkers.


Since the industrialization of rabbit monoclonal antibodies in 2002, our founders have worked nonstop to develop a revolutionary method of antibody development to help further this vitally important field.



Finding the right cure for each patient

Rabbit monoclonals

We offer a wide range of ready-made antibodies against a variety of important targets. Check back often - we are constantly developing new products!



Our team at Calico Biolabs hails from a diverse set of backgrounds. Our passion for science and commitment to improving cancer diagnostics unites us in our one common goal - finding the right cure for each patient.